**February updates**

Hey! Thanks for checking out the website and whats going on for the next few weeks with the podcast….

Where do i start?! I suppose a thankyou to all listeners, new, old and returning. Recent pods with Lue Elizondo and Avi Loeb have opened the doors to more of you joining us for this wild ride. All the emails, DMs, tweets, interactions and all in between have been read and hopefully all replied to! I do try and atleast thank everyone who gets in touch 🙂

So, first off, podcast schedule!

12th Feb – Danny Silva

19th Feb – Ryan Bledsoe

26th Feb – David Marler

5th Mar – Mark O’connell

Maybe, a bonus show or two in between! I know Zig is up for a chat through the recent Bob Bigelow drop with George Knapp.


The long neglected YouTube channel is neglected no longer as i have started adding the back catalogue on there. Its a time consuming process, so aiming for 2-3 shows per week to be uploaded. The old pods will be mainly audio only. There may be the odd video thrown up but going forward when possible will look to upload video feed too!

Right now, Lue Elizondo video & audio are both up there.

Gary Voorhis, the very first pod is there now also!

Sean Cahill, which was ep 2 is scheduled for Friday 12th feb then next week Tim McMillan part 1 will be uploaded around the 16th.

Remember to subscribe to the channel to show some support and get us on that algorithm!

Also, i will have some limited edition prints being made available of the recent Lue Interview, these will be a one off run in the interim to see how popular they are, already had some interest shown before design is even out so thankyou! But will be offered to Patreons first then general sale 🙂

On that, to finish off, i’d ask that IF your circumstances allow & you want to, please consider supporting the pod, from only $1 at Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast … it makes a HUGE difference to the pod, allows me to covet several monthly fees i have now for software, hosting etc and upkeep of equipment. Its no secret since launch the pod has grown so quickly ive had to expand to make sure the quality keeps improving. So any help is appreciated. But, at the end of the day? Just listening is the main thing.

So, thanks once again for checking out the site, the channel, YouTube channel and everything else.


5 thoughts on “**February updates**

  1. David Marler is definitely worth listening to. His lecture about the “Battle of Los Angeles” (still on YouTube, I think) could well be the definitive comment on that case so far. His work on triangular shaped UFOs is without question the best anywhere in the world. I have his book “Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation” and would advise anyone interested in the subject to obtain a copy. I have a case from 1944 that I need to pass to him which happened 10 miles from where I live, once I chase up a few more details on it. He will provide you with plenty to talk about.

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  2. I’m looking forward to the David Marler interview as well. Haven’t yet had a chance to read his book yet – that’ll come – but it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say in the interim. My wife and I saw one of those triangle-shaped objects this past September.


      1. Concord, New Hampshire: We were walking when we saw it at about 8pm that night (sky was lit-up by ambient star light). It was a large, black, well-defined equilateral triangle with white lights at each corner, and a smaller red blinking light center underbody. Moved with the base of the triangle in front, with the point of the triangle taking up the rear. It appeared to be only 300-500 ft above us, but no sound was heard. We observed it for about 5-7 min. Bewildered to this day by it.

        I very much enjoy your podcast – you ask some great Qs on it.

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