Tick…Tock…The countdown continues

It seems like we have been waiting for this UAP Task Force report forever, it’s not even been 6 months yet. For some, maybe the wait has been that long, they just didn’t know what they were waiting for.

Expectations, I feel, need to be tempered for this. For a start, it may not even come out in June, strong rumours indicate it may be delayed, Luis Elizondo himself has admitted this would be for the best to allow further time and work to be done.

Those expecting a report with any form of Disclosure are going to be disappointed. I have said many times on the podcast, my hope, is there is some form of assessment, bullet pointed, that gives an indication that one of the possibilities is that these objects are “Something else/Non-Human”. That, would be a BOMBSHELL. That would be progress.

People need to take a step back and look how far we have come in not only years but in mere months, the mainstream media is doing a relatively sharp about turn on the subject. Sure, some of the sneers and jokes are there from journalists, but much of this is out of disbelief I feel they are asking the questions they are, in the settings they are used to discussing far more grounded ideals. Progress has been made.

We live in a world of limited characters, attentions spans and instant information. In a subject that for decades people had to claw & scrape any sort of information from the bottom a very dark barrel. Never knowing if it was 100% accurate or credible. I feel only in the years to come will we appreciate the time we have lived through and the volume of information, data and breadcrumbs we have had thrown at us. Maybe, there have been some Easter eggs along the way still to be uncovered.

One way or another, by the end of next month the report will have come out, or have been delayed. Regardless, will we have the answers? No, I doubt it, but we will have progress and for some of us, a clearer direction of the road to be travelled.



3 thoughts on “Tick…Tock…The countdown continues

  1. Hello Andy! Greetings from Prescott, Arizona. As always a great blog thank you. I believe the report will be “delayed” and released later during a heavy news cycle with nothing terribly interesting. Your right we have come a long way and at least now we can discuss this topic without being subjected to ridicule. I believe these are Recon missions. 8 years of military experience leads me to that conclusion. Hell if I know. I keep looking up but have not seen anything. Maybe some day…your show is outstanding! Sent you an email today as well. Keep up the great work!


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