Bob Fish emails

As discussed on the pod here is some of the information Bob Fish sent to me via email.


The thing I was trying to do had to do with John Podesta possible opening up the UFO files if he was White House Chief of Staff. I was simply responding to that initiative telling him “where” to look for the empirical stuff since everyone has seen the blurry shots of some bright object in the sky or heard about the silent triangle of lights zooming in the night sky, etc.


One would have to be really clueless to not think our military and intelligence agencies have been collecting information since at least 1947 (and I’d argue the foo-fighters of WWII even push that back a bit).


It seems that now, some portions of the USG are willing to drag out their radar intercept tapes and UAP incident communications. Perhaps, others will soon put forth additional empirical information about tracking or monitoring or even interfering with strange flying phenomena. So, I’m willing to wait and see on this. Someday soon we should be able to cross-refence information from a human sighting with an airspace radar scan (or seaspace acoustic scan) and a high-resolution image, whether visual or multispectral.


More importantly are the concepts that Dr Edgar Mitchell came out with. We keep talking about “aliens” as being from another planet or galaxy, like they live far, far away. Well, maybe they are simply from a different “universe” that also utilizes Earth as a home. If so, maybe they are more like “ancestors” whose culture has evolved beyond ours (at this time). Or maybe a combo of far-away visitors with nearby non-human Earthlings. I mean, does anyone really thing these little 30ft saucers flew 450 light years to get here? If so, then I guess the Earth is flat too, eh?


As we move forward with string theory, DNA analysis, gene splicing and artificial intelligence, we may make some interesting discoveries about life that inhabits the Earth. Hopefully, MUFON or somebody will get their act together, and start working on this from a critical thinking perspective and large data-fusion project.


But, that is another story. Thanks Edgar !

 2) I did mention to others about when we cross-connected Edgar Mitchell with IRVA in 2001 at the annual IRVA conference (the Remote Viewers organization that grew out of Project Stargate). My first meeting with Edgar was literally in an isolation chamber – aka the Apollo 14 Mobile Quarantine facility – in March 2001. It was a pretty amazing conversation.


I don’t know if you’ve had any contact with IRVA but they have had a few very interesting “contact” cases that helped Edgar have a better grasp on the “alien” thing. The second generation RVers after Pat Price, Ingo Swann, Russell Targ, etc. who paved the way still get together once a year.


The hardest part of going down the quantum hologram path is understanding there is no such thing as “time” and it helps to understand there is a much broader electromagnetic spectrum than what we humans can measure and monitor. Once someone “groks” that, the universe opens up quite a bit!  There is much that our eyes can’t see and ears can’t hear – but our mind can view, if not interact with.


For Christians, its like saying the true question to ask for becoming nearer to God is not “where can he be found”? That’s already been answered – “everywhere” (which is to say for one’s self à  “here” …


Ah, the real question to ask is “when is God” and the answer eventually becomes obvious à “now”…


There is a vast living universe (or set of universes) swirling all around us … but we humans tend to narrowly focus our mind on rushing to our next meeting in 10 minutes, hoping we get a few likes on our next social media post, pondering the calorie intake of the food we are eating or worrying about the pandemic. It’s like we’re trying to make digital copies of ourselves (avatars?) … rather than expand our consciousness to a higher capability.


And yes, this absolutely has a lot to do with “UFO’s” and “aliens”.



I did mention to Ross more about the spectrum of consciousness issue in all of this. It’s breadth is analogous to the electromagnetic spectrum, of which we humans can only see less than 1%. Is it then, realistic to think we humans can “be aware of” more than 1% of the universal spectrum of consciousness? If not, then where do we fall in that spectrum? We are aware of much that is below us (rock, tree, etc.) but only a handful are aware of that which is above (Edgar Cayce being one that’s well known in the western world)..


I mean – For any person with critical thinking skills, I can “tell” you what I heard and saw, but that doesn’t mean you’ll believe it until you hear or see it for yourself!


IMHO, short of having a UFO land on your lawn with a grey alien holding his hand out in a cosmic greeting, finding and correlating empirical information is the foundation upon which “truth” is based in our Newtonian world.


But even THAT will not get you much into the alien issue, i.e., who made it or where it came from or why they are here… Can a normal person look at a car that suddenly parks in their driveway, and know who it was created by?  These days, it could have been a robot that built it, outsourced to a factory in Mexico, but labelled as GM and sold via Hertz Rentals.


So, the question “do UFOs really exist” is merely the next step on the journey to further disclosure and, eventually to full knowledge (“awareness”). Much of the rest of that journey is mental, not physical. Humans do not have the scientific tools yet to detect it much less characterize and quantify it. (hint: some eastern religions do provide psychic tools for higher level consciousness detection. Stargate is the only modern effort I know of in the US than aligns with this process of discovery).


I was lucky enough in my career to have gained information about the vast array of tracking, surveillance and sensing devices the USG had – air, sea, space and even underground. Gaining access to, and analyzing this sizeable amount of data for anomalous behavior characteristics, would provide another step towards answering that first question ….


Hopefully, various governments will be more forthcoming with the data elements they have captured via a variety of sensors that can monitor and measure things [and locations] – beyond the current 5 “documented” human senses.


In the 1990s I became involved with 2 other folks who were looking for a crashed A-12 spy plane CIA Article 125 also known as BuNo 928). It crashed in 1967 near Area 51 and the pilot, Walt Ray, was killed. The crash was immediately classified, hushed up and all FOIA requests redacted so no location known. Tom Mahood and Glen Campbell (aka PsychoSpy of Area 15 fame) were the other folks!  Glenn was a Civil Engineer, Glenn was really a software analyst, and I was a network security guy – all high tech, left brain analytical folks.


We had tried everything. Glenn had heard about RV so we hired Angela to teach us how to do it. I’m mean – we’re a pretty smart group, eh? A half day effort ought to net us a pile of top secret titanium!


On the appointed day, we were in Angela’s living room in Las Vegas, sitting on the couch as she went thru the RV protocol with us. Tom’s wife, Gerry, was sitting in the kitchen reading a newspaper with zero interest in our quest (more likely “disdain”). Angela’s husband Paul was our target. He left the house at 10am and went to an unknown destination, which he selected after leaving the house so Angela wouldn’t know where he was.


At the appointed time (11am), we 3 started trying to locate him.. There was a lot of grunting and groaning going on, almost like all 3 of us were constipated. After 15 minutes of this ruckus, Gerry folded her newspaper, set it down on the kitchen table, and said (with disdain), “ “OMG you guys, he’s at the beach running around in the sand with some kids!”


Well, we 3 techhies had a good laugh because there is no beach within ½ hour of the house in LV!!!  Woohoo!!


So, we grunted some more and finally Angela said – “looks like we’re not getting anywhere so I’ll call Paul.”. She did and he told her where he was. She turned to Gerry and said “what made you think he was at the beach?” She said “I clearly felt the toes of his feet running through sand and I heard laughter as if kids were nearby.” You know – a beach!


It turns out, Paul had driven to the nearest grade school, parked and walked into the playground area, which was covered with sand. There were young kids swinging in a swing set and he even helped push the merry-go-round for a few of the overjoyed kids.


Tom, Glenn and I all said “oh crap” at the same time!


What we realized is that one’s mind absolutely has to be attuned to this moment à . ß to be able to reach deeper into a state of pure true consciousness. Being left brained “intellectuals,” all of us were monitoring our thoughts, ensuring we followed the protocol, maybe treating to “beat” the other two in the game – while Gerry was relaxed and not concerned at all … and the target information flowed thru her!


More general info about the hunt for 928 is here : although Tom doesn’t mentioned the failed RV experiment.



Now, herein lies some of the truth about the “existence of UFOs” who manifest for some people but not for others.


If you watch the Navy Tic-Tac video and don’t get carried away with the pilot’s exaltations, it’s fairly clear the controller of the Tik-Tac is playing with the F-18 pilot (it’s highly unlikely the Tic-Tac was manned, similar to the foo fighters of WWII fame). And, after zooming off the pilot’s radar screen, it showed up again at the Navy aircraft rendezvous point, miles away and thousands of feet higher (a classified point in the sky that only the pilots and the ship flight staff knew). So, is it possible some information was telepathically extracted from the F-18 pilot by the Tic-Tac commander – because it “knew” exactly where to fly and then hover, waiting for the F-18 pilot to join up! More fun and games – or – conveniently drawing the F-18 pilot’s attention away from the master “controller” UFO just underneath the sea surface.


We need more sightings like this, with human and sensor input data, to get a better understanding of the phenomenon.


That was my goal when emailing John podesta

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