September update!

Hello to all! As always, thankyou for following the site & blog.

Our first live stream test was fun, I wanted to get on & play with the software, see what it was like and so many of you jumped in to ask questions and have some fun which was great. I definitley need to improve video settings for more like that so have better quality camera and invested in some lighting for the room to help! All thanks to each of you supporting.
Today I am working on Chris Lehto interview that will be available to Patreon & Apple Premium subscribers in the coming hours. We got to know Chris well on this one, digging into his growing up  & background extensively then talking videos, UAPs, theories etc. We didnt go big into his come backs on Mr West as Ryan Sprague has just recorded a show like that so tried to make sure we didnt double up on his time. It was a fun talk with someone pretty new in the field. But certainly Chris has made a big impact already and still finding his feet.
Listener call-ins were a great time as they always are & so good to hear from so many new voices! We covered alot of different topics & even had someone share a very recent experience they had which was amazing. These will be out, probably in 3 parts to keep them under an hour for people to digest as and when they want! Starting in a few days time 🙂
Then next week we end the month big as Ross Coulthart joins me! May have to jig the recording unfortunately as I am now in the office working my normal day job as stuff has come up but it will be done around the same time. Really looking forward to it and Ross knows you all want to hear him cover some new ground & he definitley has that in mind!
Almost ready to start booking interviews in for October, Lue Elizondo is up for his part 2, currently travelling the globe on a mission! Anyone YOU would like to hear on the pod let me know!
Also, we will look to try do a few YouTube live’s for people!


Look out for a new show from us, maybe not in the usual places. More information to come 🙂

As always folks, its a pleasure making content you fine folks enjoy!
Thanks for listening, supporting and getting in touch,


One thought on “September update!

  1. Hey Andy. Would love to see if you could hav Linda Howe on.
    She is great and can bring a lot of knowledge.


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