New UFO hearings, 19th April 2023

We are only days away from now from the latest set of UFO/UAP hearings to take place on Wednesday 19th April, here;

What can we expect?

Well, a few things we do know for certain. There will be closed hearings, which as the title suggests, will be behind closed doors and the contents off limits to us Joe commoners. Then, after that will be the open section broadcast on the link above.

The focus of the hearings will likely see Dr.Sean Kirkpatrick, Director of ‘AARO’, as he is questioned on, well, that remains to be seen. Many expect the main line of questioning to be on the recent flap of “Drones” shot down, or atleast shot at, in North America. Will we hear tougher questions posed and put to Dr.Kirkpatrick? Fortunately we dont have long to wait.

I’ll be doing a reaction show after to discuss what was (or wasn’t) said. Hopefully Dan can join me as he travels back from South America and his time with Ash Cowie & the Phenomenology crew. Then the fallout as the days and weeks pass will be interesting to say the least.

Rumours say as we head towards summer the chances are whistleblowers will be coming forward to speak about potential crash retrieval programs. A huge step, but will we see it?

Tick, tock…


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