New UFO hearings, 19th April 2023

We are only days away from now from the latest set of UFO/UAP hearings to take place on Wednesday 19th April, here; What can we expect? Well, a few things we do know for certain. There will be closed hearings, which as the title suggests, will be behind closed doors and the contents offContinue reading “New UFO hearings, 19th April 2023”

Decades late, but not a moment too soon – by Dan

Congressional Public UAP Hearings take place in the next 24 hours (Tuesday 17th May). That alone is worth a huge celebration. But we must also be wary and vigilant. The secrecy that has held this subject back must be dismantled with care, else we risk damaging what we hope to uncover and scare away thoseContinue reading “Decades late, but not a moment too soon – by Dan”

The night before the morning after…

As always, it’s been too long. I know. However, we are about to have Congressional hearings on UAP for the first time in many decades. Regardless of the terminology, the semantics, your politics et al We are on the edge of history. This WILL NOT be hearings where we have explosive revelations, eye witness accountsContinue reading “The night before the morning after…”

Tick…Tock…The countdown continues

It seems like we have been waiting for this UAP Task Force report forever, it’s not even been 6 months yet. For some, maybe the wait has been that long, they just didn’t know what they were waiting for. Expectations, I feel, need to be tempered for this. For a start, it may not evenContinue reading “Tick…Tock…The countdown continues”