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‘That UFO Podcast’ was launched on April 29th, 2020 by Andy McGrillen. The idea; to bring some of the best, most credible guests from around the world of UFOlogy, UAP’s & associated subjects. Having objective, interesting discussions that drive the conversation on ‘The Phenomenon’ forward to inform and entertain.

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161: December Update pod That UFO Podcast

A final update pod for 2021, letting you know of the upcoming shows, guests and more! go.rallyup.com/Truth for the raffle! Spotify listeners can now access premium content here > https://open.spotify.com/show/7wnXUAQ3vwdsX1BoyaEvjZ Sign up to support the podcast via Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast or Apple Podcast subscriptions (2 week free trial available) Please support our show sponsors; Manscaped are now offering our listeners 20% off on site plus free shipping, just head to Manscaped.com & use promocode: AndyUFO ..it's another way to support the pod 🙂 You can also sign up to Zencastr with 40% off for 3 months with promo code: ufopodcast at https://zencastr.com/pricing?coupon=ufopodcast&fpr=7ooh0 . Start recording your own podcast or meetings today! Get in touch with the show; Twitter: @UFOUAPAM Facebook, YouTube & Instagram: "That UFO Podcast" YouTube: YouTube.com/c/ThatUFOPodcast Email: UFOUAPAM@gmail.com Don't forget to subscribe, like and leave a review of the show. Enjoy folks! Andy
  1. 161: December Update pod
  2. 159: KGRA #7; Vinnie Adams (Disclosure Team)
  3. 158: Breakdown; Breaking News AOIMSG 24/11/21
  4. 157: John Ramirez, ex-CIA ; Part 2
  5. 156: KGRA #6 Chris Plain, The DeBrief
  6. 155: John Ramirez, ex-CIA Part 1
  7. 154: Spotify Listeners announcement
  8. 152: Listener call-in #7 Pt.2
  9. 153: KGRA #5 Huge political statements reviewed!
  10. 151: Special Bonus – Show Outro; 1 million downloads

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September update!

Hello to all! As always, thankyou for following the site & blog. Our first live stream test was fun, I wanted to get on & play with the software, see what it was like and so many of you jumped in to ask questions and have some fun which was great. I definitley need toContinue reading “September update!”

Bob Fish emails

As discussed on the pod here is some of the information Bob Fish sent to me via email. 1) The thing I was trying to do had to do with John Podesta possible opening up the UFO files if he was White House Chief of Staff. I was simply responding to that initiative telling himContinue reading “Bob Fish emails”

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