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‘That UFO Podcast’ was launched on April 29th, 2020 by Andy McGrillen. The idea; to bring some of the best, most credible guests from around the world of UFOlogy, UAP’s & associated subjects. Having objective, interesting discussions that drive the conversation on ‘The Phenomenon’ forward to inform and entertain.

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Steve Aspin; Alien abduction program, Part 2 That UFO Podcast

**Part 2 of 2**Andy is joined by author & experiencer Steve Aspin for a fascinating conversation which includes;Steve's family history of experiencesThe alien abduction programImplantsSpeaking to other abducteesWhy are they doing this?Listener questionsAnd much, much moreCheck out the book here; https://outoftimebook.info/Spotify listeners can now access premium content here > https://open.spotify.com/show/7wnXUAQ3vwdsX1BoyaEvjZSign up to support the podcast via Patreon.com/ThatUFOPodcast or Apple Podcast subscriptions (2 week free trial available)Please support the show sponsors;Paperlike: Ready to do more with your iPad? Head over to Paperlike.com/ThatUFO to get startedIf you’re interested in investing in Zencastr, go to wefunder.com/zencastr or click the link in my episode description below to claim your slice of the Future of Podcasting.Are you ready to earn extra income from sharing your expert opinion? Head over to userinterviews.com/hello to sign up and participate today!Zencastr Advertise – Advertise your business on this and other podcasts follow zen.ai/thatufopod1You can also sign up to Zencastr with 40% off for 3 months with promo code: ufopodcast at https://zencastr.com/pricing?coupon=ufopodcast&fpr=7ooh0 . Start recording your own podcast or meetings today!Buy the official podcast map/guide to UK UFO sightings here; https://www.herblester.com/products/the-skies-aboveGet in touch with the show;Twitter: @UFOUAPAMFacebook, YouTube & Instagram: "That UFO Podcast"YouTube: YouTube.com/c/ThatUFOPodcastEmail: UFOUAPAM@gmail.comAll podcast links & associated links;Linktr.ee/ufouapamThatUFOPodcast.comLinktr.ee/TheZignalUAPMedia.UKhttps://twitter.com/AnomalousPodNetDon't forget to subscribe, like and leave a review of the showEnjoy folks!Andy
  1. Steve Aspin; Alien abduction program, Part 2
  2. February Preview Pod 2023
  3. Steve Aspin; Alien abduction program, Part 1
  4. Breakdown; Corbell/Knapp drop, Tic Tac data, Bledsoe book & more
  5. Breakdown; UFOs at the UN, NASA UFO summit & more
  6. Chris Plain; What's to come in 2023
  7. Breakdown; UAP report drops & 2023 preview
  8. Paul Sinclair, 'Truth Proof'; Part 2
  9. Paul Sinclair, 'Truth Proof'; pt.1
  10. January Preview Pod

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Congressional Public UAP Hearings take place in the next 24 hours (Tuesday 17th May). That alone is worth a huge celebration. But we must also be wary and vigilant. The secrecy that has held this subject back must be dismantled with care, else we risk damaging what we hope to uncover and scare away those…

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As always, it’s been too long. I know. However, we are about to have Congressional hearings on UAP for the first time in many decades. Regardless of the terminology, the semantics, your politics et al We are on the edge of history. This WILL NOT be hearings where we have explosive revelations, eye witness accounts…

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