Decades late, but not a moment too soon – by Dan

Congressional Public UAP Hearings take place in the next 24 hours (Tuesday 17th May). That alone is worth a huge celebration. But we must also be wary and vigilant. The secrecy that has held this subject back must be dismantled with care, else we risk damaging what we hope to uncover and scare away those who can show us not only what they found and what they learned, but also how they hid it.

The original secret keepers may well be long gone now, with their successors dug in thanks to an established culture of secrecy and cloak and daggers – but we are not. Tomorrow, we start planting seeds with the hope that one day they’ll grow into trees that shelter the next generation, and perhaps even the Others.

But we won’t see that tomorrow. Tomorrow we get to watch the world as they start noticing what has been happening. We get to sit back and guide our loved ones through this paradigm shift. Through this incredible moment in human history. Once, we crawled from the seas. It’s only fitting that this happens as we reach for the stars.

This is truly an opportunity for a new world. One filled with courage. One filled with true awe. One filled with the compassion that we all know the knowledge that we are not alone can bring. I write this from a world that does not grok this knowledge yet. Tomorrow we enter a world that starts to understand.

This isn’t the end. This is finally the beginning…

See you on the other side,
Dan Z’

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